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As every major city, Barcelona offers a wide range of accommodation possibilities. Choose from more than 200 hotels in Barcelona or stay in a hostel or a nearby camping site. Another alternative is to spend your holidays in a private Apartment in Barcelona rented by Spanish owners. By doing so you are able to experience Spanish culture and everyday live in Barcelona very closely.
Barcelona Apartments can be rented in all areas of the city. Barceloneta is the right choice if you like your Barcelona accommodation to be close to the sea. Apartments in the Ciutat Vella (Gothic Area) are directly in the centre of Barcelona, within walking distance to all famous sights, numerous restaurants, cafes and places to go out in the evening. Accommodation in Barcelona’s Eixample district conveys a feeling of authentic life in Barcelona – this residential area is a bit quieter than the burling centre and offers many original Spanish restaurants and supermarkets off the overcrowded tourist areas.

To find your ideal Barcelona Apartments visit the website Here you can find more than 170 Barcelona Apartments, rooms in shared flats or rooms in guest families. The booking system is very easy; you can do your complete booking online and receive an instant booking confirmation.

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