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Barcelona is a city with a colourful history, interesting people and many traditions. If you are eager to find out more about Spain and Barcelona, then read our following short guides about Barcelona’s history, language, public holidays and festivals. You will also find helpful online maps of Barcelona as well as emergency numbers here.

History of Barcelona 

If you are interested in Barcelona’s history, travel with us through the centuries and discover the beginnings and development of Barcelona throughout the centuries. Our short history guide provides interesting details, facts and figures about Barcelona.

Maps of Barcelona 

You cannot find the street you are looking for? Find here useful maps of Barcelona online.

Public Holidays and festivals in Barcelona 

The Spanish like to celebrate – make sure you are informed about public holidays and traditional festivals in Barcelona and Spain.

Cinemas in original version 

Barcelona is a multi-cultural city with inhabitants from all over the world. Therefore also cultural offerings are very often shown in the original language. Barcelona has several cinemas that exclusively show films in their original version – of course with Spanish subtitles. Find here the two of Barcelona’s best cinemas in o.v.

Short dictionary in Castellano and Català 

¿No hablas Español/Català? Our short dictionary will help you out with several expressions in Spanish and Catalan.

Emergency numbers 
In case of emergency you will find important telephone numbers here.

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