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Spanish people eat very late. Normally, they go to restaurants for lunch between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm in the afternoon and for dinner not earlier than 9:00 pm. Restaurants therefore mostly open their kitchen at 9:00 pm and close at about 12: 00 am. Nevertheless, due to the huge number of tourists who are not used to eat late, many restaurants in Barcelona start to serve earlier, especially around Las Ramblas and the Barrí Gotic.


Spanish restaurants very often offer three course lunch menus (menú del día) that include salad, plates and a drink for a low price (5-15 Euro). In the evenings prices are a bit higher, starting at about 15 Euros. Nevertheless there are restaurants in every price category.


There are no fixed rules for tipping and local people tip very little. It is common to tip about 5 percent for a waiter in a restaurant. Leave the money on the table when you are leaving.


Living - Mediterranean and creative cuisine
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city: Barcelona
district: Barri Gotic

address: Capellans, 9
tel.: 93 412 13 70

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The concept of Living reminds of “diners” in New York or Berlin: also here in Barcelona they are open throughout the day offering breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. The modern interior of the restaurant and the good food are worth a visit. Enjoy the interesting combination of French, Thai or Arabic food with reasonable prices.

prices: < 18 EUR


webuser comments

06.08.06: 06.08.2006 Vor ca. einer Woche waren wir dort gegen 21:30 Uhr essen. Das Ambiente war sehr nett, der Service war klasse und sehr freundlich ( als Gast mit wenig Spanischkenntnissen wird einem die ausschließlich spanische/ katalanische Speisenkarte ausführlich in Englisch erklärt). Das Essen war toll und die Preise annehmbar.

02.03.04: Es ist etwa 24h (1.03.04) her, dass wir versuchten dort zu essen, falls die Adresse wirklich stimmt, im Living scheint es keine Speisekarte mehr zu geben, essen kann man dort scheinbar nicht mehr, es scheint eher wie eine nette kleine "Kneipe".

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